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SharePoint 2013 workflows extended by custom ASMX web methods

"Call HTTP Web Service" action in SharePoint Designer 2013 provides a neat way of extending SharePoint workflows functionality. Complex logic can now be implemented as a custom web service and then be called from WF4 workflow.

This project provides solutions which include many custom ASMX web methods that will be helpful when out-of-the-box possibilities do not suffice. "WF4, ASMX, SharePoint" architecture showed to be reliable and performant. Best of all is that ASMX web services are easy to develop and understand.


M4W project includes two solutions:

M4W.ASM.Services.wsp - custom ASMX web methods;
M4W.TJ.RunSiteWorkflows.wsp - custom timer job to run site workflows on schedule.

On this site you will also find examples of SharePoint 2013 workflows built with M4W.ASM.Services.

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